BIETAK Manfred (Editor-in-Chief)

Ägypten und Levante XXII/XXIII (2012/2013)- Egypt and the Levant XXII/XXIII (2012/2013

Reihe: Ägypten und Levante, Band: 22/23

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.04.2014

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-7532-2

Format: 2014, 447 Seiten, zahlr. Abb. im Text, 30x21 cm, broschiert

€ 125,00


M. Bietak, Vorwort für das Herausgebergremium/Preface for the Editorial Board
M. Bietak, N. Math, V. Müller, C. Jurman, Report on the excavations of a Hyksos Palace at Tell el-Dab`a/Avaris (23rd August–15th November 2011)
I. Forstner-Müller, P. Rose, Grabungen des Österreichischen Archäologischen Instituts Kairo in Tell el-Dab`a/Avaris: Das Areal R/III. 1. Vorbericht (Herbst 2010 bis Frühjahr 2011)
Ch. Reali, The Seal Impressions from `Ezbet Rushdi, Area R/III of Tell el-Dab`a:
Preliminary Report
M. Marée, Comments on two Tell el-Dab`a sealings
M. Lehmann, Vorbericht über die Grabungstätigkeiten der Frühjahrskampagne 2011 im
Areal A/I von Tell el-Dab`a
F. van Koppen, M. Lehmann, A cuneiform sealing from Tell el-Dab`a and its historical context
D. Collon, M. Lehmann, S.E.M. Müller, Tell el-Dab`a Sealings 2009–2011
J. Kriwet, M. Lehmann, Ein Knorpelfischrest aus der ptolemäischen Siedlung
in Tell el-Dab`a, Ägypten
S.E.M. Müller, Rettungsgrabung `Ezbet Ruschdi/Tell el-Dab`a (Areal R/II), Vorbericht über die Grabungskampagnen 2008/2009
M. Bietak, C. v. Rüden, J. Becker, J. Jungfleisch, L. Morgan, E. Peintner, Preliminary
Report of the Tell el-Dab`a Wall Painting Project – Season 2011/2012
J. Becker, J. Jungfleisch, C. v. Rüden, From Small Fragments to Large Animals.
A Large-Scale Animal Fight in ‘Palace F’ at Tell el-Dab`a
J. Budka, F. Doyen, Life in New Kingdom towns in Upper Nubia – New evidence from
recent excavations on Sai Island
J. Budka, T. Mekis, M.-C. Bruwier, Reuse of Saite temple tombs in the Asasif during
the early Ptolemaic time – the tomb group of Mw.t-Mnw from TT 414
S. Rzepka, M. Nour el-Din, A. Wodzińska, Ł. Jarmużek, Egyptian Mission Rescue
Excavations in Tell el-Retaba. Part 1: New Kingdom Remains
D. Aston, Radiocarbon, Wine Jars and New Kingdom Chronology
A. Ben-Tor, A Decorated Box in the Collections of the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem .
E. Braun, A Note on Relations between the Southern Levant and Egypt during
Early Dynasty 0
G. Broekman, Manetho’s ‘three other kings’ between Osorthôn and Takelôthis, and their importance for the chronology of the Third Intermediate Period and the
New Kingdom
O. Goldwasser, Out of the mists of the alphabet: Redrawing the “Brother of the Ruler
of Retjenu”
J. Mynářová, North or South? A Note on the Provenance of EA 220
H. Tronchère, B. Millet, J.-P. Goiran, P. Carbonel, H. Djerbi, R. Vera, M. Torab, M. Elassal, Y. Callot, Geoarchaeological results from the harbor of Taposiris and implications
concerning the construction of the harbor
B. Vanthuyne, Amarna factories, workshops, faience moulds and their produce
U. Zevulun, I. Ziffer, Back from the Hunt: A Pictorial Tell el-Yahudiyeh Juglet in the
Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv


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