GINGRICH Andre - POHL Walter (Eds.)

medieval worlds Volume 2017.6

Religious Exemption in Pre-Modern Eurasia, c. 300-1300 CE


Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2017

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8243-6

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Table of Contents

Charles West
Religious Exemption in Pre-Modern Eurasia, c. 300 – 1300 CE: Introduction

R.I. Moore
Treasures in Heaven: Defining the Eurasian Old Regime?

Kanad Sinha
Envisioning a No-Man’s Land: Hermitage as a Site of Exemption in Ancient and Early Medieval Indian Literature

Mario Poceski
Evolving Relationship between the Buddhist Monastic Order and the Imperial States of Medieval China

Kriston R. Rennie
The Normative Character of Monastic Exemption in the Early Medieval Latin West

Anne J. Duggan
Clerical Exemption in Canon Law from Gratian to the Decretals

Ulrich Pagel
Nothing to Declare: Status, Power and Religious Aspiration in the Policies of Taxation in Ancient India

Antonello Palumbo
Exemption Not Granted: The Confrontation between Buddhism and the Chinese State in Late Antiquity and the ›First Great Divergence‹ Between China and Western Eurasia

Dominic Goodall - Andrew Wareham
The Political Significance of Gifts of Power in the Khmer and Mercian Kingdoms 793-926

Uriel Simonsohn
Conversion, Exemption, and Manipulation: Social Benefits and Conversion to Islam in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Thomas Kohl
Religious Exemption, Justice, and Territories around the Year 1000: The Forgeries of Worms

Rutger Kramer
The Exemption that Proves the Rule: Autonomy and Authority between Alcuin, Theodulf and Charlemagne (802)

Judith A. Green
From Symbiosis to Separate Spheres? England, 1163

Julia McClure
Religious Exemption and Global History before 1300 – Closing Comments

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