Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2016

Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2016

Special Issue on "Population Ageing"

Reihe: Vienna Yearbook of Population Research/Demogr.Inform., Band: 2017

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8151-4

Format: 277 S, 24x15, broschiert

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 Refereed Articles

 A unifying framework for the study of population aging
 Warren Sanderson and Sergei Scherbov

 Towards a reconceptualising of population ageing in emerging markets
 Stuart Gietel-Basten, Sergei Scherbov and Warren Sanderson

 Population ageing dynamics in the North Atlantic region of the Arctic
 Anastasia Emelyanova and Arja Rautio

 Certain characteristics of population ageing using a prospective approach: Serbia as a case study
 Jelena Stojilkovic Gnjatovic and Mirjana Devedzic

 The impact of physical health on the postponement of retirement
 Michael Boissonneault and Joop de Beer

 Adjusting prospective old-age thresholds by health status: empirical findings and implications. A case study of Italy
 Elena Demuru and Viviana Egidi

 Measuring dependency ratios using National Transfer Accounts
 Mikkel Christoffer Barslund and Marten von Werder

 Subjective survival expectations and observed survival: How consistent are they?
 Alberto Palloni and Beatriz Novak

 Time-to-death patterns in markers of age and dependency
 Tim Riffe, Pil H. Chung, Jeroen Spijker and John MacInnes

 A cross-national comparison of 12 biomarkers finds no universal biomarkers of aging among individuals aged 60 and older
 David H. Rehkopf, Luis Rosero-Bixby and William H. Dow


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