Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2013/Volume 11.

Vienna Institute of Demography (Eds.)

Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2013/Volume 11.

Determinants of unusual and differential longevity

Reihe: Vienna Yearbook of Population Research/Demogr.Inform., Band: 2013/11

Verlag: VÖAW

Erscheinungsjahr: 2014

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-7625-1

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Graziella Caselli and Marc Luy: Determinants of unusual and differential longevity

Refereed Articles
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field: Mortality deceleration is not informative of unobserved heterogeneity in open groups

Shiro Horiuchi, Nadine Ouellette, Siu Lan Karen Cheung and Jean-Marie Robine: Modal age at death: lifespan indicator in the era of longevity extension

Jon Anson: Surviving to be the oldest old—destiny or chance?

Michel Poulain, Anne Herm and Gianni Pes: The Blue Zones: areas of exceptional longevity around the world

Luis Rosero-Bixby, William H. Dow and David H. Rehkopf: The Nicoya region of Costa Rica: a high longevity island for elderly males

Sebastian Klüsener and Rembrandt D. Scholz: Regional hot spots of exceptional longevity in Germany

Richard G. Rogers, Patrick M. Krueger, Richard Miech and Elizabeth M. Lawrence: Lifetime abstainers and mortality risk in the United States

Maria Winkler-Dworak and Heiner Kaden: The longevity of academicians: evidence from the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig

Morgan E. Levine and Eileen M. Crimmins: Evidence of resiliency among long-lived smokers

Ethan J. Sharygin and Michel Guillot: Ethnicity, russification and excess mortality in Kazakhstan

Graziella Caselli, Rosa Maria Lipsi, Enrica Lapucci and James W. Vaupel: Exploring Sardinian longevity: women fertility and parental transmission of longevity

Valérie Jarry, Alain Gagnon and Robert Bourbeau: Maternal age, birth order and other early-life factors: a family-level approach to exploring exceptional survival

Leonid A. Gavrilov and Natalia S. Gavrilova: Determinants of exceptional human longevity: new ideas and findings

Luisa Salaris, Nicola Tedesco and Michel Poulain: Familial transmission of human longevity: a population-based study in an inland village of Sardinia (Italy), 1850–2010


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