MOSKALIUK Stepan S. (Ed.)

Julius Wess

Classics of World Science Vol. 5

Reihe: Classics of World Science, Band: 5

Verlag: VÖAW

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.11.2003

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-3186-1

ISBN10: 3-7001-3186-0

Format: 736 Seiten, 17x13,5cm, Pappband mit Überzug

€ 24,80


Contents:\nFrom Invariance Groups to Field-Theoretical Anomalies: \nIntroduction; Investigation of the Invariance Group in the Three Fundamental Fields Model; A Consistent Operator Solution for the Thirring Model; Lagrangian Method for Chiral Symmetries; Structure of Phenomenological Lagrangians; The Conformal Invariance in Quantum Field Theory; Scale Invariance, Conformal Invariance, and the High Energy Behavior of Scattering Amplitudes; Consequence of Anomalous Ward Identities \nSupersymmetry and Supergravity: \nIntroduction; Supergauge Transformations in Four Dimensions; A Langrangian Model Invariant under Supergauge Transformations; Supersymmetry and Internal Symmetry; Supergauge Invariant Extension of Quantum Electrodynamics; Superspace Formulation of Supergravity; The Component Formalism Follows from the Superspace Formulation of Supergravity; Supersymmetry Breaking through a Cosmological Constant \nQuantum Groups and Non-Commutative Spaces:\nIntroduction; Covariant Differential Calculus on the Quantum Hyperplane; A q-deformed Lorentz Algebra; A q-deformed Poincaré Algebra; Representations of a q-deformed Heisenberg Algebra; Dynamical Symmetries in q-deformed Quantum Mechanics; Non-commutative Euclidian and Minkowski Structures; Gauge Theory on Non-Commutative Spaces; The Standard Model on Non-Commutative Space-Time; Gauge Theories on Non-Commutative Spaces as a Background of the Future Physics?\nBiographical Writings:\nAutobiography; Curriculum Vitae\nBibliography

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