MATIS Herbert (Hg./Ed.)

relation N.F. .s. 1 (2004) Jewish Images in the Media

edited by Martin LIEPACH, Gabriele MELISCHEK and Josef SEETHALER

Reihe: RELATION, Band: N.F.1

Verlag: VÖAW

Erscheinungsdatum: 31.07.2007

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-3878-5

ISBN10: 3-7001-3878-5

Format: 21x10cm, 298 Seiten, broschiert

€ 23,20


Herbert Matis
Part I: (Re)Producing Images and Stereotypes page 13

Julia Bernstein - Nelly Elias
Wandering Jews, Wandering Stereotypes: Media Representation of the Russian-speaking Jews in the FSU, Israel and German page 15

Philip Webb
Antisemitic Roots of Homelessness: Myth, Exile, and Radicals in American Homelessness page 39

Michaela Haibl
Sichtbarkeit und Wirkung: "Jüdische" Visiotype in humoristischen Zeitschriften des späten 19. Jahrhunderts [Visibility and Effect: "Jewish" Visual Stereotypes in Satirical Magazines of the Late 19th Century] page 61

Hatice Bayraktar
Stereotypes of Jews in Turkish Caricatures, 1933-1945 page 85

Brigitte Sion
"Dear Editor, Once again, Jews are only about money...": Anti-Semitic Letters to the Editors in the Swiss Media and the Crisis over Holocaust-Era Dormant Accounts (1995-2002) page 105

Mark Eisenegger - Linards Udris
Jewish and Muslim Actors in the Media: Presentation of a Method for Capturing Typifications of Inclusion and Exclusion page 121

Christian Kolmer - Roland Schatz
The Portrayal of the War in the Middle East: Media Analysis of News Coverage by ARD and ZDF page 139

Herbert Matis
Part II: Dealing with Stereotypes and Antisemitism page 151

Kerstin von der Krone
Die Berichterstattung zur Damaskus-Affäre in der deutsch-jüdischen Presse [The Damascus Affair within the German-Jewish Press] page 153

Ruth E. Iskin
Relational Media Images: Jewish Responses to the Jewish Banker Stereotype in 1890s Paris and 1955 Israel page 177

Stephanie Seul
"Any reference to Jews on the wireless might prove a double-edged weapon": Jewish Images in the British Propaganda Campaign towards the German Public, 1938-1939 page 203

Carsten Hennig
Reconstructing the Collective Memory: Visual History and Representations of the Holocaust in Selected Works of Steven Spielberg page 233

Hanno Loewy
The Survivor as Villain: X-men, Comic Culture and Auschwitz Fantasies page 247

Elisabeth Kuebler
European Efforts to Combat Antisemitism and the Role of the Media page 269

Herbert Matis
Abstracts page 287

Herbert Matis
Contributors page 295


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