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medieval worlds Volume 14. 2021

Reihe: MEDIEVAL WORLDS, Band: 14

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2021

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-9172-8

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Table of Contents
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s1
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Ingrid Hartl - Walter Pohl
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Urban Agencies:
Reframing Anatolian and Caucasian Cities (13th-14th Centuries)
Guest Editors: Bruno de Nicola and Matthew Kinloch

Matthew Kinloch - Bruno de Nicola
Urban Agencies: Reframing Anatolian and Caucasian Cities (13th-14th Centuries) - Preface
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Matthew Kinloch
Reframing Medieval Anatolia, Caucasia, and the Aegean: Narratives, States, and Cities
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s6
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. C. S. Peacock
Urban Agency and the City Notables of Medieval Anatolia
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s22
(Abstract) (PDF)

Teresa Shawcross
Cities and Imperial Authority in the Western Provinces of the Byzantine Empire, 12th-14th Centuries
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s35
(Abstract) (PDF)

İklil Selçuk
A Conceptual Account of Market Morals that Resonated in Medieval Anatolia under Christian and Muslim Rule
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s53
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Nicholas S. M. Matheou
Merchant Capital, Taxation & Urbanisation. The City of Ani in the Global Long Thirteenth Century
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s75
(Abstract) (PDF)

Oya Pancaroğlu
Looking for Urban Agency in a City of Memorials: Tomb Towers of Late-Thirteenth-Century Ahlat
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s117
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Bruno De Nicola
Urban Agency in the Borderlands: Turkmen Rulers and Administrative Elites in 13th-century Kastamonu
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s155
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Dimitri Korobeinikov
»These are the narratives of bygone years«: Conquest of a Fortress as a Source of Legitimacy
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s179
(Abstract) (PDF)

Movement and Mobility in the Medieval Mediterranean:
Changing Perspectives from Late Antiquity to the Long-Twelfth Century, II
Guest Editors: Christopher Heath, Clemens Gantner and Edoardo Manarini

Lorenzo M. Bondioli
The Sicilian Tithe Business: State and Merchants in the Eleventh-Century Islamic Mediterranean
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s208
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andra Jugănaru
»Eager to Go to the Desert«: Ambiguous Views on Ascetic Women’s Holy Travels in Late Antiquity
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s229
(Abstract) (PDF)

Fabrizio de Falco
Where the Long Way Ends: Descriptions of the Mediterranean Sea and Holy Land and the Criticism of Crusading at the Court of Henry II of England (1154-1189)
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s243
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Individual Articles

Alaric Hall - Shamira A. Meghani
»I am a virgin woman and a virgin woman’s child« Critical Plant Theory and the Maiden Mother Conceit in Early Medieval Riddles
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s265
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alaric Hall
Latin and Hebrew Analogues to The Old Norse Leek Riddle
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no14_2021s289
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