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GI_Forum 2018, Volume 6, Issue 2


Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8447-8

Format: Open Access pdf (download)

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Digital Humanities: Spatial Perspectives
Eveline Wandl-Vogt – Thomas Jekel (Eds.)
Zara Kanaeva, Volker Hochschild, Michael Märker and Christian Sommer
Digital Data and Tools in Archaeology: The ROCEEH Out of Africa Database (ROAD) (Abstract) Page 3

Daniella Vos, Stijn Heeren, Niek van Ruler, Kiki Smallenbroek and Ronnie Lassche
PAN (Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands): Harnessing Geospatial Technology for the Enrichment of Archaeological Data (Abstract) Page 13

Michael Märker and Michael Bolus
Explorative Spatial Analysis of Neandertal Sites using Terrain Analysis and Stochastic Environmental Modelling (Abstract) Page 21

Aaron Pattee, Armin Volkmann, Katharina Anders and Hubert Mara
Analysing the Medieval Landscape of the German Palatinate (Abstract) Page 39

Alejandro Benito, Antonio G. Losada, Roberto Therón, Amelie Dorn and Eveline Wandl-Vogt
Creating Meaningful Narratives in Collections of Historical Lexical Data (Abstract) Page 50

Rod Bantjes
Mapping as Making Space: The Case of a Nature–Culture Hybrid (Abstract) Page 58

Caroline Atzl, Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl, Manfred Mittlböck, Bernhard Vockner and Moritz Kelber
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Early Printed Music using Interactive Maps – A Templating Approach (Abstract) Page 72

Christina Reithmeier, Karoline Buschbaum and Detlef Kanwischer
Spatialities, Social Media and Sentiment Analysis: Exploring the Potential of the Detection Tool SentiStrength (Abstract) Page 85

Tilo Felgenhauer
Diversity and Transparency in (Volunteered) Geoinformation Practices (Abstract) Page 97

Helena Atteneder
Geomedia: Manifestations of Power as Mediatized Communication Practices – A Foucauldian Approach (Abstract) Page 103

Florian Ledermann
Analysing Digital Maps Online: A Reverse Engineering Approach (Abstract) Page 119

Learning with Geomedia
Robert Vogler – Alfons Koller – Thomas Jekel (Eds.)
Uwe Schulze and Detlef Kanwischer
Spatial Citizenship and Service Learning – Breaking the Mould of Geography Teacher Education (Abstract) Page 131

Michael Lehner, Jana Pokraka, Inga Gryl and Kirstin Stuppacher
Re-Reading Spatial Citizenship and Re-Thinking Harley’s Deconstructing the Map (Abstract) Page 143

Claudia Scharf, Inga Gryl, Markus Gamper and Swantje Weis
Collaborative Innovating – The Potential of Street Art to Shape Spaces (Abstract) Page 156

Christian Dorsch
Reflecting on the Smart City: How Student Teachers Learn to Teach Smart Pupils (Abstract) Page 168

Robert Vogler, Thomas Jekel and Edith Killingseder
Using the Geographies of Learning. An Exploratory Categorization for Spatially Enabled Learning (Abstract) Page 181

Katharina Wöhs, Rafael Paulischin-Hovdar and Anna Gatterbauer
Fostering Holocaust Education and Remembrance Culture using Geomedia (Abstract) Page 193
DOI: 10.1553/giscience2018_02_s193
Michael Burgholzer and Angela Hof
Bringing Digital Urban Models into the Classroom – Potentials and Constraints for Web GIS and Collaborative Learning (Abstract) Page 207

Kuo-Hung Huang
Integrating Spatial Technology into Fieldtrips within Elementary Geography Education (Abstract) Page 214

Advances in GIScience
Adrijana Car – Gerald Griesebner (Eds.)
Jochen Albrecht
Open Source Foundations for Spatial Decision Support Systems (Abstract) Page 227

Jason Wolfe, Thomas Bahr and Xiaoying Jin
Creating Models of Custom Image Classification Workflows Using Softmax Regression and Support Vector Machine (Abstract) Page 240

Petra Stutz and Eva Westermeier
Travel-Mode Detection Based on GNSS Trajectories and Heart-Rate Data from Fitness Watches (Abstract) Page 261

Shivam Gupta, Auriol Degbelo and Edzer Pebesma
Connecting Citizens and Housing Companies for Fine-grained Air-Quality Sensing (Abstract) Page 275

Johanna Schmitt and Günter Gruber
Assessment of Recreational Green Space Quality and Supply (Abstract) Page 294

Andreas Braun, Johanna Stötzer, Susanne Kubisch and Sina Keller
Critical Infrastructure Analysis (CRITIS) in Developing Regions – Designing an Approach to Analyse Peripheral Remoteness, Risks of Accessibility Loss, and Isolation due to Road Network Insufficiencies in Chile (Abstract) Page 302

Davood Behboudi, Parviz Mohamadzade, Bakhtiar Feizizadeh and Alirza Pooranvari
Multi-criteria Based Readiness Assessment for Developing Spatial Data Infrastructures in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran (Abstract) Page 322

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