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GI_Forum 2019, Volume 7, Issue 1

Reihe: GI_FORUM, Band: Volume 7, Issue 1

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8609-0

Format: Open Access pdf (download)

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Advances in GIScience
Adrijana Car – Gerald Griesebner (Eds.)
Mostapha Harb – Michael Hagenlocher – Davide Cotti – Elke Kratzschmar – Hayet Baccouche – Karem Ben Khaled – Felicitas Bellert – Bouraoui Chebil – Anis Ben Fredj – Sonia Ayed – Matthias Garschagen
Simulating Future Urban Expansion in Monastir, Tunisia, as an Input for the Development of Future Risk Scenarios (Abstract) Page 3

Carola Helletsgruber – Celina Stanley – Angela Hof
Urban Trees in Sync with Urban Climate – Phenology and Microclimate Monitoring using Geocommunication and Citizen Science (Abstract) Page 1

Mona Bartling – Bernd Resch – Anton Eitzinger – Leo Zurita-Arthos
A Multi-National Human–Computer Interaction Evaluation of the Public Participatory GIS GeoCitizen (Abstract) Page 18

Selina Studer – Barbara Hofer
Replication of the Question-Based Spatial Computing Approach – Experiences and Suggestions for Further Developments (Abstract) Page 40

MovingPandas: Efficient Structures for Movement Data in Python (Abstract) Page 54

Christoph Erlacher – Angelika Desch – Karl-Heinrich Anders – Piotr Jankowski – Gernot Paulus
Parallel and Distributed Computing for large raster-based Spatial Multicriteria Decision Analysis Problems: A Computational Performance Comparison (Abstract) Page 69

Carrie Steves
Trends in the Alaskan Bottom-Trawl Fishery from 1993 to 2015: A GIS-based Spatiotemporal Analysis (Abstract) Page 87

Christoph Schaller
Parametric (Geo)Design for Test Planning (Abstract) Page 105

Lukas Beer
Automatic Generation Of LoD1 City Models And Building Segmentation From Single Aerial Orthographic Images Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (Abstract) Page 119

Urban Geoinformatics: Citizen Engagement and VGI Analytics for Smart Cities
Bernd Resch (Ed.)
Levente Juhász – Hartwig Hochmair
Comparing the Spatial and Temporal Activity Patterns between Snapchat, Twitter and Flickr in Florida (Abstract) Page 134

Monica Flores Castillo – Stephan Petryczka – Joyce Choi-Li – Karlo Ludwig – Yixin Li
Mapping for Community-Driven Neighbourhood Planning: The Case of the South Bronx Land and Community Resource Trust (Abstract) Page 1

Justin Pierre – Victoria Fast – Jyothi Kumari – Claus Rinner
Cartoforum – A Map-Based Discussion Forum with Applications in the Planning of Cycle Lanes, Community Food Gardens and Campus Sustainability (Abstract) Page 171

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