STROBL Josef - CAR Adrijana - JEKEL Thomas - GRIESEBNER Gerald

GI_Forum 2018, Volume 6, Issue 1


Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8359-4

Format: Open Access pdf (download)

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Advances in GIScience
Adrijana Car - Gerald Griesebner (Eds.)
Francis Oloo – Raphaela Pagany – Gyula Kothencz
Multi-dimensionality of Uncertainity in Big Geospatial Sensor Data (Abstract) Page 3

Anita Graser
Evaluating Spatio-temporal Data Models for Trajectories in PostGIS Databases (Abstract) Page 16

Dariia Strelnikova – Thomas Schneider – Michael Leitner
Utilizing Spatial Video to Analyse Roadside Advertisements in Villach, Austria (Abstract) Page 34

Helena Bergstedt – Alina Ristea – Bernd Resch – Annett Bartsch
Public perception of Climate Change in Alaska: A case study of opinion mining using Twitter (Abstract) Page 47

Julian Bruns – Johannes Riesterer – Bowen Wang – Till Riedel – Michael Beigl
Automated Quality Assessment Of (Citizen) Weather Stations (Abstract) Page 65

Jan Kinne - Bernd Resch
Generating Big Spatial Data on Firm Innovation Activity from text-mined firm Websites (Abstract) Page 82

Katharina Glock – Anne Meyer – Bodo Bernsdorf – Sascha Woditsch
Micro Rapid Mapping: Automatic UAV-based Remote Sensing for Chemical Emergencies (Abstract) Page 90

Frederica Nonni – Diego Malacarne – Salvatore Pappalardo – Eugenio Salvatore – Daniele Codato – Franco Meggio – Massimo De Marchi
Sentinel-2 data analysis and comparison with UAV multispectral images for precision viticulture(Abstract) Page 105

Chrysafina Geronta – Viviana Ferrario
Creation of a Primary Database for Monitoring and Evaluating the Transformations of the peri-urban Landscape of Padua (Italy) (Abstract) Page 117

Andrea Pödör – Dorina Borsföldi-Nagy
Citizen’s Perception of Environmental Noise – a Case Study(Abstract) Page 126

Andrew C. Loerch – Gernot Paulus – Christopher D. Lippitt
Change Detection with Structure from Motion – The Impact of Repeat Station Imaging(Abstract) Page 135

Christian Röger – Sabine Timpf
Indoor Mapping for Human Navigation – a low Cost SLAM Solution(Abstract) Page 152

Martin Loidl – Anna Butzhammer – Bernhard Castellazzi – Robin Wendel – Thomas Prinz – Bernhard Zagel
Considering Spatial Determinants in Promoting Active, Healthy Commuting(Abstract) Page 162

Michelle Pasquale Fillekes – Eleftheria Giannouli – Wiebren Zijlstra – Robert Weibel
Towards a Framework for Assessing Daily Mobility using GPS Data(Abstract) Page 177

Big Earth Data: From Data to Information
Stefan Lang – Martin Sudmanns – Dirk Tiede
Martin Sudmanns – Stefan Lang – Dirk Tiede
Big Earth Data: From Data to Information (Abstract) Page 184

Elisabteh Marijke Bekkema – Marieke Eleveld
Mapping Grassland Management Intensity Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data (Abstract) Page 194

Hanna Augustin – Martin Sudmanns – Dirk Tiede – Andrea Baraldi
A Semantic Earth Observation Data Cube for Monitoring Environmental Changes during the Syrian Conflict (Abstract) Page 214

Andreas Braun
Assessment of building damage in Raqqa during the Syrian civil war using time-series of radar satellite imagery (Abstract) Page 228

Participatory Disaster Management: Fusing Remote Sensing Data with User-generated Geo-data
Bernd Resch – Domenico Grandoni – Clemens Havas
Chiara Francalanci - Barbara Pernici - Gabriele Scalia - Gunter Zeug
Talking about Places: Considering Context for the Geolocation of Images extracted from Tweets (Abstract) Page 243

Mira Weirather – Gunter Zeug – Thomas Schneider
Automated Delineation Of Wildfire Areas Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery (Abstract) Page 251

Adebola Olaluwa Hassan – Lorenz Wendt – Barbara Riedler
Development of an Automated Toll for Spatial Analysis of Refugee Camps (Abstract) Page 263

Spatial Simulation
Gudrun Wallentin
Andreas Koch
Quod Erat Expectandum: The Modus Operandi of Models and Quantifications (Abstract) Page 274

Dana Kaziyeva – Gudrun Wallentin – Martin Loidl – Stefan Mohr – Christian Neuwirth
Review on Software for Agent-Based Bicycle Flow Models (Abstract) Page 291

Stefan Mohr – Gudrun Wallentin
Agent-Based Model for the Socio-Economic Monitoring of Visitor Streams – A Study Using the Example of the Harz Nationalpark, Germany (Abstract) Page 297

Urban Geoinformatics: Citizen Engagement and VGI Analytics for Smart Cities
Bernd Resch
Luke Thomas Clasper
Exploring Vernacular Perceptions of Spatial Entities: Using Twitter Data and R For Delimiting Vague Informal Neighbourhoods in Inner London, UK (Abstract) Page 316

Karin Wannemacher – Barbara Birli – Tobias Sturn – Richard Stiles – Inian Moorthy – Linda See – Steffen Fritz
Using Citizen Science to Help Monitor Urban Landscape Changes and Drive Improvements (Abstract) Page 336

Peter Zeile – Bernd Resch
Combining Biosensing Technology and Virtual Environments for Improved Urban Planning (Abstract) Page 344

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