STROBL Josef - CAR Adrijana - JEKEL Thomas - GRIESEBNER Gerald

GI_Forum 2017, Volume 5, Issue 2


Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8251-1

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eomedia confronting Nationalism
Thomas Jekel – Michael Lehner (Eds.)
Inga Gryl – Denise Könen – Jana Pokraka
Limits of Freedom – Defining a Normative Background for Spatial Citizenship (Abstract) Page 3

Wolfgang Schellenbacher
Memento Vienna: A Case Study in Digital Archives, Georeferenced Data and Holocaust Education (Abstract) Page 13

Michael Lehner – Thomas Jekel – Robert Vogler
Flying Kites, Nazi Ideology and Collaborative Mapping: Coping with rightwing-extremism in secondary education (Abstract) Page 23

Karin Golser – Thomas Jekel
What is Spatial About Right-Wing Discourses? (Abstract) Page 36

Inga Gryl - Claudia Scharf - Swantje Weis - Uwe Schulze
Geomedia and Spaces of the In-between. Geo-referencing, Non-localization, and Glocalization (Abstract) Page 49

Adrijana Car - Gerald Griesebner (Eds.)
Christian Aden - Katharina Stephan
Web-based Citizen Involvement in Research into Pathways and Hotspots of Marine Litter in the Southern North Sea (Abstract) Page 60

Daniele Codato - Salvatore E. Pappalardo - Massimo de Marchi
Participatory GIS in Mapping Ecosystem Services: Two Case Studies from High-Biodiversity Regions in Italy and Peru (Abstract) Page 78

Wu Di – Delparte Donna – Sanger Hannah – Boyack Diana – Ogle Jared – Richardson Rick
Integrating Participatory Mapping Through a Web Application to Enable Public Involvement in City Planning: The Portneuf River Vision Study (Abstract) Page 97

Thomas Kisser – Stefanie Zecha
Creating Effective Mobile Apps for National Geoparks. An Explorative Study (Abstract) Page 113

Andrea Pődör - András Révész
Mapping and Analysing Environmental Noise Using Smartphones in Small Towns – A Hungarian Case Study (Abstract) Page 126

Ulrich Leth - Takeru Shibayama - Tadej Brezina
Competition or Supplement? Tracing the Relationship of Public Transport and Bike-Sharing in Vienna (Abstract) Page 137

Anna Butzhammer
Modelling Intermodal Accessibility Considering Quality Aspects of Transport – a GIS-based Approach for the State of Salzburg (Abstract) Page 152

Ciro José Jardim de Figueiredo - Débora Viana de Sousa Pereira - Caroline Maria de Miranda Mota
Multi-Criteria Approach with Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing for Public Security Planning (Abstract) Page 164

Samuel Kurath – Raphael Das Gupta – Stefan Keller
OSMDeepOD - Object Detection on Orthophotos with and for VGI (Abstract) Page 173

Amy E. Frazier – Adam J. Mathews – Benjamin L. Hemingway – Christopher Crick – Elinor Martin – Suzanne W. Smith
Integrating small Unmanned Air-Craft Systems (sUAS) into Meteorology and Atmospheric Science: Challenges and Opportunities for GIScience (Abstract) Page 189

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