STROBL Josef - CAR Adrijana - JEKEL Thomas - GRIESEBNER Gerald

GI_Forum 2017, Volume 5, Issue 1


Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8158-3

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Advances in GIScience
Adrijana Car - Gerald Griesebner (Eds.)
Dmitry Marinskikh - Aleksandr Marshinin - Ildar Idrisov
Large-scale Landscape Mapping for Environmental Risk Assessment in the Arctic of Western Siberia (Russia) (Abstract) Page 3

Monika Hoffmann - Leopold Leśko - Jan-Peter Mund
Urban and Peri-Urban Forest Areas in European Cities – A Comparative Remote-Sensing Study (Abstract) Page 15

Bakhtiar Feizizadeh - Omid Ghorbanzadeh
GIS-based Interval Pairwise Comparison Matrices as a Novel Approach for Optimizing an Analytical Hierarchy Process and Multiple Criteria Weighting (Abstract) Page 27

Joseph Percival - Narumasa Tsutsumida
Geographically Weighted Partial Correlation for Spatial Analysis (Abstract) Page 36

Christoph Erlacher - Piotr Jankowski - Thomas Blaschke - Gernot Paulus - Karl-Heinrich Anders
A GPU-based Parallelization Approach to conduct Spatially-Explicit Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in the Application Domain of Landscape Assessment (Abstract) Page 44

Paula Redweik - Rita Matildes - Fernando Marques
3D Geometric Characterization of Moved Masses in Sea Cliffs Using Point Clouds (Abstract) Page 59

Stefan Kraxberger - Damian Taferner - Hermann Klug
3D Electrical Resistivity Tomography in the Mondsee Catchment (Abstract) Page 69

Julian Bruns - Viliam Simko
Stable Hotspot Analysis for Intra-Urban Heat Islands (Abstract) Page 79

Arthur Lehner - Klaus Steinnocher
Mapping Population Distribution in Urban Areas: Using Sentinel-2A in Comparison with Landsat 8 (Abstract) Page 93
Irene Fellner
Automatic Generation of Landmark-based Indoor Routing Instructions (Abstract) Page 106

Anita Graser
Tessellating Urban Space based on Street Intersections and Barriers to Movement (Abstract) Page 114

Stefan Schabus - Johannes Scholz
Spatially-Linked Manufacturing Data to Support Data Analysis (Abstract) Page 126

Dariia Strelnikova - Karl-Heinrich Anders
Spatio-Temporal Interpolation of UAV Sensor Data (Abstract) Page 141

Earth Observation for Humanitarian Assistance
Stefan Lang - Barbara Riedler (Eds.)
Stefan Lang - Elisabeth Schoepfer - Peter Zeil - Barbara Riedler
Earth Observation for Humanitarian Assistance (Abstract) Page 157

Linda Toca - Aminata Gueye - Yann Rebois - Ghalia Albarazi
The Use of Satellite Imagery and GIS for Humanitarian Assistance: Developing and Managing Water Supply in Urban Territories under Conflict (Abstract) Page 166

Lorenz Wendt - Stefan Lang - Edith Rogenhofer
Monitoring of Refugee and Camps for Internally Displaced Persons Using Sentinel-2 Imagery – A Feasibility Study (Abstract) Page 172

Barbara Riedler - Magdalena Bäuerl - Lorenz Wendt - Kerstin Kulessa - Alexander Öze
Remote-Sensing Applications to Support Rehabilitation of Water Infrastructure in Lapilang, Nepal (Abstract) Page 183

Konstanze Lechner - Michael Nolde - Ralph Kiefl - Markus Enenkel - Andreas Papp - Carmen Scherkenbach - Stefan Voigt
Earth Observation for SOS Children’s Villages: Deployment of Cutting-Edge Technology to Support a Humanitarian NGO in Emergency Management (Abstract) Page 199

Richard Schörghofer - Stefan Lang - Lorenz Wendt - Barbara Riedler
CMaP – A Collaborative Mapping Platform for Humanitarian Organizations (Abstract) Page 207

Martin Sudmanns - Dirk Tiede - Lorenz Wendt - Andrea Baraldi
Automatic Ex-post Flood Assessment Using Long Time Series of Optical Earth Observation Images (Abstract) Page 217

Andreas Braun - Volker Hochschild
Potential and Limitations of Radar Remote Sensing for Humanitarian Operations (Abstract) Page 228

Stefan Lang - Ovidiu Csillik
ETRS Grid-constrained Superpixel Generation in Urban Areas Using Multi-Sensor very High Resolution Imagery (Abstract) Page 244

Peter Zeil - Stephane Ourevitch - Annekatrien Debien - Udrivolf Pico
Copernicus User Uptake – Copernicus Relays and the Copernicus Academy (Abstract) Page 253

Geomedia Education and Curriculum Design
Robert Vogler - Thomas Jekel - Alfons Koller (Eds.)
Caroline Atzl - Bernhard Vockner - Manfred Mittlboeck
Kids Love Stories: New Ways of Saving Energy (Abstract) Page 260

Thomas Jekel - Marissa Lehner
Hypothesis-Generation and Innovativeness. A Videography-based Analysis of Lay Hypothesis-Generation in Secondary-School Education (Abstract) Page 270

Alfons Koller - Josef Strobl - Bernd Resch
LernplattformGW – Learning about and with Geomedia. A Concept for Tutoring and an OER Platform for the Education of Student Teachers (Abstract) Page 282

Robert Vogler - Sabine Hennig - Nicole Ferber
Redressing the Exclusiveness. Challenges which Prevent New Users from Contributing to OSM (Abstract) Page 294

Ahmed Hanie Elmerghany - Gernot Paulus
Using Minecraft as a Geodesign Tool for Encouraging Public Participation in Urban Planning (Abstract) Page 300

Integrated Assessment of Risk and Vulnerability
Stefan Kienberger – Michael Hagenlocher – Marion Borderon (Eds.)
Christian Mueller - Ulrike Klein - Angela Hof
Locating Urban Heat Stress Vulnerability: A GIS-based Spatial Cluster Analysis of Urban Heat Load, the Elderly and Accessibility of Urban Green Spaces (Abstract) Page 315

Joachim Rußig - Julian Bruns
Reducing Individual Heat Stress through Path Planning (Abstract) Page 327

Guillaume Rohat - Johannes Flacke - Hy Dao
Assessment of Future Heat Stress Risk in European Regions: Towards a better Integration of Socio-economic Scenarios (Abstract) Page 341

Richard G. Lathrop Jr. - Lisa Auermuller - Jeanne Herb - Marjorie Kaplan
Integrated Assessment of Risk and Vulnerability. The Use of Online Decision-Support Tools to Communicate Coastal Vulnerability and Promote Adaptation Planning (Abstract) Page 352

Marion Borderon - Stefan Kienberger - Suresh Kumar - Sébastien Oliveau - Tuhin K.
Beyond the Lack of Data: How to Generate Spatial Data on Displaced Populations Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Loggers - The Example of Populations Displaced due to Ganges Riverbank Erosion in Malda, West Bengal, India (Abstract) Page 360

Spatial Simulation
Gudrun Wallentin (Eds.)
Andreas Koch
Determinants of Social Networking Mechanisms and their Potential Effects on a Place-Based Geography: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach (Abstract) Page 369

Johannes Scholz - Florian Breitwieser - Peter Mandl
Modelling a Dynamic Forest FuelMarket Focusing on Wood Chips: A Spatial Agent-based Approach to Simulate Competition among Heating Plants in the Province of Carinthia, Austria (Abstract) Page 383

Martin Imkeller - Michaela Sonnleitner - Jana Gassner - Yannick Nies - Lisa Bauer - Sarah Baumann - Lena Grami - Anna Naegele - Christian Neuwirth
Participatory Simulation for Games with a Purpose – A Case Study (Abstract) Page 397

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