STROBL Josef - CAR Adrijana - JEKEL Thomas - GRIESEBNER Gerald

GI_Forum 2016, Volume 4, Issue 2

Reihe: GI_FORUM, Band: Volume 7, Issue 1

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8085-2

Format: Open Access pdf (download)

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Table of Content
Stephen E. S. Crook - Gernot Paulus
An Agent-Based Model for Exploring Wolf Recolonization in Austria (Abstract) Page 3

Verena Venek - Richard Brunauer - Cornelia Schneider
Evaluating the Brownian Bridge Movement Model to Determine Regularities of People’s Movements (Abstract) Page 20

Karin Wannemacher - Roland Grillmayer
Using Geostatistical Methods to Automatically Verify Citizen Science Data on Alien Species (Abstract) Page 36

Christoph Schaller - Simon Hofer
GeocentraleApps - Practical Approaches to Data Integration for Spatially Enabled Apps (Abstract) Page 46

Caroline Atzl - Bernhard Vockner - Manfred Mittlboeck
Online Visualization of Streaming Data (Abstract) Page 57

Zui Hu - Josef Strobl
DEM-based Feature Information Index of Runoff Nodes (Abstract) Page 67

Jafar Niyazov - Dominik H. Lang - Abdelghani Meslem
Earthquake Loss Evaluation (ELE) for the City of Khujand, Sughd Province, Tajikistan (Abstract) Page 74

Jeremy Wetterwald - Erik Kjaergaard
Towards Risk-Informed Development: Making Use of Geospatial Data in Development Planning in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Abstract) Page 90

Daniel Vrbik
Crowdsourcing of Local Spatial and Historical Knowledge (Abstract) Page 109

Andrea Pődör, András Révész, Patrik Rácskai and Zita Sasvár
Measuring Citizens’ Fear of Crime Using a Web Application: A Case Study (Abstract) Page 123

Karl Donert - Fien Desmidt - María Luisa de Lázaro y Torres - Rafael De Miguel González - Michaela Lindner-Fally - Alan Parkinson - Diana Prodan - Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska - Luc Zwartjes
The GI-Learner Approach: Learning Lines for Geospatial Thinking in Secondary Schools (Abstract) Page 134

Rodrigo Tapia-McClung
Collective Mapping to Support Citizen - Government Interactions Using a Digital Platform (Abstract) Page 147

Christoph Aubrecht - Klaus Steinnocher
Volunteered Geo-Dynamic Information for Health-Risk Exposure Assessment - A FRESHER Case Study (Abstract) Page 157

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