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GI_Forum 2016, Volume 4, Issue 1


Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2019

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-7988-7

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Amir Masoud Forati - Farid Karimipour
A VGI Quality Assessment Method for VGI based on Trustworthiness (Abstract) Page 3

Vincent van Altena – Jantien Stoter
Context-aware thinning of artificial water networks for map generalization (Abstract) Page 12

Iuliana Armas - Dragos Toma-Danila - Radu Ionescu - Alexandru Gavris
Quantitative population loss assessment: seismic scenarios for Bucharest using 2002 census data (Abstract) Page 30

Gudrun Wallentin - Francis Oloo
A model-sensor framework to predict homing pigeon flights in real time (Abstract) Page 41

Simon Gröchenig - Cornelia Schneider
A Cookie-Cutter Approach for Determining Places and Stays from Movement Data (Abstract) Page 53

Kerstin Kulessa - Stefan Lang
Generation of digital surface models in urban areas using triple-stereo imagery (Abstract) Page 65

Stuart Krause - Fabian Hartmann - Jan-Peter Mund
UAV Workflow Optimization for the Acquisition of High-Quality Photogrammetric Point Clouds in Forestry (Abstract) Page 72

Thomas Bahr - Philip Smith
Airborne Geiger-Mode LiDAR for Large-Scale, High-Resolution Wide-Area Mapping (Abstract) Page 85

Christian Feil
Indoor Positioning: Opportunities and implementation strategies of Bluetooth Low Energy (Abstract) Page 94

Mona Bartling - Steven Sotelo - Anton Eitzinger - Karl Atzmanstorfer
Press the Button: Online/Offline Mobile Applications in an Agricultural Context (Abstract) Page 106

Karl Atzmanstorfer - Anton Eitzinger - Beatriz Eugenia Marin - Andres Parra Arteaga - Bryan Gonzalez Quintero - Richard Resl
HCI-Evaluation of the GeoCitizen-reporting App for citizen participation in spatial planning and community management among members of marginalized communities in Cali, Colombia (Abstract) Page 117

Integrated Assessment of Risk And Vulnerability
Stefan Kienberger - Marion Borderon - Michael Hagenlocher (Eds.)
Sabrina Wannewitz - Michael Hagenlocher - Matthias Garschagen
Development and validation of a sub-national multi-hazard risk index for the Philippines (Abstract) Page 133

Lucile Etienne
Assessing vulnerability along a dynamic coastline: The example of the Sidi Frej tourist area in the Kerkennah archipelago (Abstract) Page 141

Steve Cinderby
Co-designing possible flooding solutions: Participatory mapping methods to identify flood management options from a UK Borders case study (Abstract) Page 149

Stefan Schneiderbauer - Inke Schauser - Marc Zebitsch - Christian Kofler
Integrated assessment for vulnerability to climate change in Germany - a brief overview of methodology and results (Abstract) Page 157

Stefan Kienberger - Marion Borderon - Christina Bollin - Britta Jell
Climate change vulnerability assessment in Mauritania: reflections on data quality, spatial scales, aggregation and visualizations (Abstract) Page 167

Chingwen Cheng
Spatial Climate Justice and Green Infrastructure Assessment: A case study for the Huron River watershed, Michigan, USA (Abstract) Page 176

Urban Geoinformatics and Transportation Systems
Martin Loidl - Bernhard Resch (Eds.)
Sreten Cvetojevic - Levente Juhasz - Hartwig Hochmair
Positional Accuracy of Twitter and Instagram Images in Urban Environments (Abstract) Page 191

Peter Zeile - Bernd Resch - Martin Loidl - Andreas Petutschnig - Linda Dörrzapf
Urban Emotions and Cycling Experience – enriching traffic planning for cyclists with human sensor data (Abstract) Page 204

Anita Graser
Integrating Open Spaces into OpenStreetMap Routing Graphs for Realistic Crossing Behaviour in Pedestrian Navigation (Abstract) Page 217

Mario Dolancic
Automatic lane-level road network graph-generation from Floating Car Data Page (Abstract) Page 231

Johannes Schwer - Sabine Timpf
Local-Level Site-Selection Model for Integrated Carsharing Services (Abstract) Page 243

Geomedia Education and Curriculum Design
Robert Vogler - Gudrun Wallentin - Thomas Jekel - Alfons Koller (Eds.)
Claudia Scharf - Stephan Schmitz - Inga Gryl
Innovativeness as Fresh Ground: From an Old Buzzword to New Praxis (Abstract) Page 250
Jana Pokraka
Spatial Citizenship for all? Impulses from an Intersectionality Approach (Abstract) Page 262

Nicole Ferber - Helena Atteneder - Thomas Jekel - Sandra Stieger
A practical approach for gender- and diversity-informed geomedia education for teachers in training (Abstract) Page 269
Christina Reithmeier - Karoline Buschbaum - Andreas Blitz - Detlef Kanwischer
“Heaven. #shopping #Frankfurt #weekend #joy” – Hashtags, constructions of space, and geography education (Abstract) Page 282

Tom Hoyer
On the question of how Web 2.0 features support critical map reading (Abstract) Page 295

Vera Fuchsgruber - Alexander Siegmund
An Adaptive Web-based Learning Module for the Problem-based Application of Remote Sensing in Schools – Prototype within an Educational Design Research Study (Abstract) Page 302

Florian Hruby - Mónica Chico Avelino - Raymundo Montoya Ayala
Journey to the End of the World Map – How Edges of World Maps Shape the Spatial Mind (Abstract) Page 314

Peter Kedron - Amy Frazier - Christopher Greene - Danielle Mitchell
Curriculum Design for Upper- and Advanced-Level GIS Classes: Are New Skills being Taught and Integrated? (Abstract) Page 324

Adrijana Car - Josef Strobl
Minor Programs in the Geospatial Domain – Referencing the GIScience & Technology Body of Knowledge (Abstract) Page 336

Frans I. Rip
Some thoughts on the possible benefits of using VirLaBoK for GI teaching design and locating GI courses (Abstract) Page 355

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