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GI_Forum 2015, Volume 3


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ISBN13: 978-3-7001-7826-2

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Adrijana Car - Gerald Griesebner (Eds.)
Barbara Hofer
Common Elements in Semantic Descriptions of Web Processing Services (Abstract) Page 2

Martin Sudmanns - Sebastian Cadus - Mona Bartling
Geodata-based Alerting Service (GAS): A Conceptual Framework to Create Notifications Based on Spatial and Temporal Data (Abstract) Page 6

Felix Bensmann - Dorian Alcacer-Labrador - Rainer Roosmann - Wassilios Kazakos - Roman Wössner - Andreas Abecker
Tools for Distributed Geodata Processing Based on OGC Web Processing Services (Abstract) Page 16

Andrey Martovoy - Clémentine Fry - Prune Gautier - Elisabeth Weinke - Marco Vianello - Arlindo Jose Santos - Cláudio Miguel Santos Cândido
Indicators for Evaluating the Impact of a Utility Infrastructure’s Cloud-based Registry (Abstract) Page 20

Milena Kocher - Michael Leitner
Forecasting of Crime Events Applying Risk Terrain Modeling (Abstract) Page 30

Markus Straub - Anita Graser
Learning from Experts: Inferring Road Popularity from GPS Trajectories (Abstract) Page 41

Andreas Eisl - Andreas Koch
Geographic Modeling: Approaching Reality in Land Use Simulation Pragmatically (Abstract) Page 51

Elmar Schmaltz - Hans-Joachim Rosner - Michael Märker
Assessment of Shallow Landslide Initiation Areas Using Stochastic Modelling: The Vernazza Torrent Case Study, Liguria, Italy (Abstract) Page 61

Bakhtiar Feizizadeh - Khalil Omrani - Fereidon Babaei Aghdam
Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process and Spatially Explicit Uncertainty Analysis Approach for Multiple Forest Fire Risk Mapping (Abstract) Page 72

Bakhtiar Feizizadeh - Stefan Kienberger - Khalil Valizadeh Kamran
Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis Approach for GIS-MCDA Based Economic Vulnerability Assessment (Abstract) Page 81

Michael E. Hodgson - Alexandria McCombs - April Hiscox
Sensitivity of Flux Footprint Modelling to Geographic Resolutions and Autocorrelation (Abstract) Page 90

Ulrich Strötz
Calculating Timber Harvest Costs Based Solely on Spatial Predictors Exemplified by the Colorado State Forest (Abstract) Page 94

Quynh Huong Nghiem
GIS-based Spatial Multi-criteria Analysis: A vulnerability Assessment Model for the Protected Areas of Vietnam (Abstract) Page 103

Helen Dorn - Tobias Törnros - Markus Reichert - Hans-Joachim Salize - Heike Trost - Ulrich Ebner-Priemer - Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg - Alexander Zipf
Incorporating Land Use in a Spatiotemporal Trigger for Ecological Momentary Assessments (Abstract) Page 113

Johannes May
Semi-Automatic Detection of Storm-Felled Forest Areas in Western Norway’s Spruce Forests Using a Landsat Time Series and Change Detection (Abstract) Page 117

Laura Knoth - Azmat Arif - Johanna Schmitt
Salzburg Residential Mobility Model (Abstract) Page 126

Robin Wendel
Interactive Network Assessment Tool Using ArcGIS API for JavaScript (Abstract) Page 136

Heidi El-Hosaini
Locating and Positioning Solar Panels in a 3D City Model: A Case Study of Newcastle, UK (Abstract) Page 147

Catia Gouveia
Predicting the Impacts of Climate Change on Protected Areas: A Case Study of Land Snails in Madeira Island (Abstract) Page 158

Clemens Eisank - Lorenzo Rieg - Christoph Klug - Hannes Kleindienst - Rudolf Sailer
Semi-Global Matching of Pléiades Tri-Stereo Imagery to Generate Detailed Digital Topography for High-Alpine Regions (Abstract) Page 168

Jan-Peter Mund - Robert Wilke - Michael Körner - Alfred Schultz
Detecting Multi-layered Forest Stands Using High Density Airborne LiDAR Data (Abstract) Page 178

Jürgen Knies
The Potential for Extracting Heat Energy from Waste Water: A Strategic Approach (Abstract) Page 189

Stephan van Gasselt - Andrea Nass
Time and Geology in Geographic Information Systems: Some Formalism for Describing Temporal Events (Abstract) Page 199

Mercy Mwaniki - Matthias Möller - Gerhard Schellmann
Landslide Inventory Using Knowledge Based Multi-sources Classification Time Series Mapping: A Case Study of Central Region of Kenya (Abstract) Page 209

Ana Gonzalez Quintairos - Jochen Bühler - Birgit Kleinschmit - Matthias Resch
Analysis of Potential Distribution and Size of Photovoltaic Systems on Rural Rooftops (Abstract) Page 220

Ekaterina Chuprikova - Armin Costa - Markus Innerebner - Roberto Monsorno - Jochen Ernst Wagner - David Moser - Mark Zebish
An Assessment of the Solar Potential of Roofs within a Web-based Solar Cadastre (Abstract) Page 225

Thomas Jekel - Robert Vogler (Eds.)
Sarah Witham Bednarz - Robert S. Bednarz
Brave New World: Citizenship in Geospatially Enriched Environments (Abstract) Page 230

Inga Gryl
A Starting Point: Children as Spatial Citizens (Abstract) Page 241

Stefan Brauckmann
“How Do You Wish to Remember?” – Youth Participation and Culture of Remembrance Using Geo-Information (Abstract) Page 251

Eric Sanchez - George Kalmpourtzis - Jean Cazes - Michael Berthoix - Réjane Monod-Ansaldi
Learning with Tactileo Map: From Gamification to Ludicization of Fieldwork (Abstract) Page 261

Noemi De Luca - Nicole Ferber - Helena Atteneder - Thomas Jekel
Feminist and Queer Approaches to Education for Spatial Citizenship (Abstract) Page 272

Christian Groß - Inga Gryl
Gender-biased Appropriation of Space? (Abstract) Page 283

Christiane Hintermann - Herbert Pichler
Gendered Spaces in the City: Critical Topography in Geography Education (Abstract) Page 287

Ainura Nazarkulova - Josef Strobl
Central Asia on the Cloud: Prototyping an Open Regional Atlas (Abstract) Page 299

Florian Hruby - Rainer Ressl - Alexander Wolodtschenko
Cloud-based Atlassing (Abstract) Page 305

Durval Silva - Karl Donert
Communicating Geography with the Cloud (Abstract) Page 315

Robert Plötz - Friedrich Barnikel
Erasmus+/Comenius-Cooperation of European Schools Using GIS Applications to Assess “Life in Our Neighbourhood – Life in Our City” (Abstract) Page 320

Stefanie Zecha - Ludwig Hilger
EarthCaches: An Opportunity for Learning Geoscience; a Pilot Study for Glaciomorphologically Themed EarthCaches (Abstract) Page 324

Martin Dür
The Use of the Digital “Vorarlberg Atlas” in the Subject of Geography and Economics: Experiences from a School Project (Abstract) Page 335

Hans-Jörg Stark - Daria Hollenstein - Kevin Hürbi - Thomas Gerzner
“IVGI Noise App”: An App to Raise Awareness of Noise Pollution and to Promote Spatial Technologies in Secondary Schools (Abstract) Page 345

Andreas Rienow - Henryk Hodam - Fabian Selg - Gunter Menz
Columbus Eye: Interactive Earth Observation from the ISS in Class Rooms (Abstract) Page 349

Andrea Pődör - András Révész - Attila Ócsai - Zoltán Ladomerszki
Testing some Aspects of Usability of Crowdsourced Smartphone Generated Noise Maps (Abstract) Page 354

Aikaterini Klonari - Anna Aikaterini Likouri
The Relation of Multiple Intelligences and Spatial Perception with Performance in Geography Education (Abstract) Page 359

Steffen Höhnle - Rainer Mehren - Jan Christoph Schubert
Teachers’ Perspectives on Teacher Training for Better Implementation of GIS in the Geography Classroom (Abstract) Page 363

Thomas Jekel - Nicole Ferber - Kirstin Stuppacher
Innovation vs. Innovativeness: Do We Support Our Students in (Re-)Inventing the World? (Abstract) Page 373

Stefan Lang - Petra Füreder (Eds.)
Stefan Lang - Petra Füreder
Earth Observation for Humanitarian Operations (Abstract) Page 384
Petra Füreder - Stefan Lang - Edith Rogenhofer - Dirk Tiede - Andreas Papp
Monitoring Displaced People in Crisis Situations Using Multi-temporal VHR Satellite Data During Humanitarian Operations in South Sudan (Abstract) Page 391

Yann Rebois - Friderieke Alschner
Use of Satellite Imagery at the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) (Abstract) Page 402

Fritjof Lüthje - Dirk Tiede - Petra Füreder
Don’t See the Dwellings for the Trees: Quantifying the Effect of Tree Growth on Multi-temporal Dwelling Extraction in a Refugee Camp (Abstract) Page 406

Olaf Kranz - Elisabeth Schoepfer - Kristin Spröhnle - Stefan Lang
Multi-scale Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps in the Context of Climatic Variability (Abstract) Page 416
doi: 10.1553/giscience2015s416
Michael Hagenlocher - Dirk Tiede - Lorenz Wendt - Stefan Lang
An Earth Observation-based Approach for the Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Refugee and IDP Camps (Abstract) Page 420

Andreas Braun - Volker Hochschild
Combining SAR and Optical Data for Environmental Assessments Around Refugee Camps (Abstract) Page 424

Sebastian Langer - Dirk Tiede - Fritjof Lüthje
Long-term Monitoring of the Environmental Impact of a Refugee Camp Based on Landsat Time Series: The Example of Deforestation and Reforestation During the whole Lifespan of the Camp Lukole, Tanzania (Abstract) Page 434

Sebastian D’Oleire-Oltmanns - Barbara Riedler - Lena Pernkopf - Elisabeth Weinke - Stefan Lang
Validation Strategy for User-specific Map Products for the European Copernicus Security Service (Abstract) Page 438

Audrey Lessard-Fontaine - Mathieu Soupart - Sylvie de Laborderie
Supporting Ebola Combat with Satellite Images: The MSF Perspective (Abstract) Page 445

Lorenz Wendt - Sylke Hilberg - Jörg Robl - Andreas Braun - Edith Rogenhofer - Daniel Dirnberger - Thomas Strasser - Petra Füreder - Stefan Lang
Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Support Drinking Water Supply in Refugee/IDP Camps (Abstract) Page 449

Stefan Kienberger - Michael Hagenlocher (Eds.)
Lucia Morper-Busch - Stefan Kienberger - Michael Hagenlocher
HEALTHY FUTURES Atlas: An Open-source WebGIS to Support Infectious Disease Intervention Planning in Eastern Africa (Abstract) Page 460

Andreas Keler - Jukka M. Krisp
Spatio-temporal Visualization of Interpolated Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Beijing (Abstract) Page 464
doi: 10.1553/giscience2015s464
Bakhtiar Feizizadeh - Samira Pourmoradian - Samereh Pourmoradian
Food Security Assessment Based on GIS Spatial Analysis in the Rural Area of East Azerbaijan Province, Iran (Abstract) Page 475

Pablo Cabrera Barona - Thomas Blaschke
Healthcare Accessibility and Socio-economic Deprivation: A Case Study in Quito, Ecuador (Abstract) Page 484

Klaus Böhm - Nikolai Bock - Torsten Sehlinger
Location Based Sensing for Health Diagnoses: A Prototype for Personalized Pollen Profiling (Abstract) Page 493

Melanie N. Tomintz - Victor M. Garcia-Barrios
Location Analysis of Smoking Cessation Services in Austria (Abstract) Page 503

Bernd Resch (Ed.)
Bernd Resch - Martin Sudmanns - Günther Sagl - Anja Summa - Peter Zeile - Jan-Philipp Exner
Crowdsourcing Physiological Conditions and Subjective Emotions by Coupling Technical and Human Mobile Sensors (Abstract) Page 514

Enrico Steiger - Timothy Ellersiek - Bernd Resch - Alexander Zipf
Uncovering Latent Mobility Patterns from Twitter During Mass Events (Abstract) Page 525
doi: 10.1553/giscience2015s525
Levente Juhasz - Hartwig Hochmair
Exploratory Completeness Analysis of Mapillary for Selected Cities in Germany and Austria (Abstract) Page 535

Anita Graser - Markus Straub
Improving Navigation: Automated Name Extraction for Separately Mapped Pedestrian and Cycle Links (Abstract) Page 546

Gudrun Wallentin - Martin Loidl (Eds.)
Gudrun Wallentin - Martin Loidl
Agent-based Bicycle Traffic Model for Salzburg City (Abstract) Page 558

Christoph Mayrhofer
Performance, Scale & Time in Agent-based Traffic Modelling with NetLogo (Abstract) Page 567

Johannes Scholz
Shortest Paths for Groups: Introducing a Predictive Memory for Cognitive Agents (Abstract) Page 571

Rita Cyganski - Antje von Schmidt - Daniel Teske
Applying Geovisualisation to Validate and Communicate Simulation Results of an Activity-based Travel Demand Model (Abstract) Page 575

Daniel Steiner - Hartwig Hochmair - Gernot Paulus
Quality Assessment of Open Realtime Data for Public Transportation in the Netherlands (Abstract) Page 579

Hermann Klug (Ed.)
Hermann Klug - Alexander Kmoch - Steffen Reichel
Adjusting the Frequency of Automated Phosphorus Measurements to Environmental Conditions (Abstract) Page 590

Hermann Klug - Liviu Oana
A Multi-purpose Weather Forecast Model for the Mondsee Catchment (Abstract) Page 600

Christian Jolk - Harro Stolpe - Roman Wössner - Andreas Abecker
A GIS-Based Decision-Support Tool for Integrated Water Resources Management in the Middle Olifants River System (Abstract) Page 610

Angela Hof
Modelling Gardens as Social-ecological Systems Using Geodata: The Example of Watering and Landscaping of Urban Ecosystems (Abstract) Page 614

Chunzhu Wei - Pablo Cabrera Barona - Thomas Blaschke
Where is the Poverty Area? Quantifying the Neighborhood Effect in a Deprivation Index Estimation: A case Study in Quito, Ecuador (Abstract) Page 625

Narong Pleerux
Risk Assessment of Agricultural Areas in Chon Buri, Thailand: A Composite Index on Sub-District Level (Abstract) Page 635

Acknowledgement Page 643


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