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GI_Forum 2013, Volume 1


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ISBN13: 978-3-7001-7438-7

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Spatial Thinking or Thinking Geographically? On the Importance of Avoiding Maps without Meaning (Abstract) Page 294

Vânia Carlos - Inga Gryl

Where Do Critical Thinking and Spatial Citizenship Meet? Proposing a Framework of Intersections (Abstract) Page 306


Robert Vogler - Sabine Hennig

Providing Geomedia Skills beyond (Post)Secondary Education (Abstract) Page 317


Dražen Odobašić - Damir Medak - Mario Miler, 

Gamification of Geographic Data Collection (Abstract) Page 328


 Pablo Abend

The Uses of Geomedia: An Object-Centered and Situated Approach (Abstract) Page 338


Francis Harvey - Gianluca Miscione

Irreductionally Real Information Infrastructures: Practices beyond Universals (Abstract) Page 349


    Renate Steinmann - Elisabeth Häusler - Silvia Klettner - Manuela Schmidt - Yuwei Lin

    Gender Dimensions in UGC and VGI: A Desk-Based Study (Abstract) Page 355


    Nicole Ferber - Thomas Jekel

    Visualising the Re-Production of Space with Multi-Layer Maps (Abstract) Page 365




Robert Vogler - Alfons Koller - Karl Donert (Eds.)


    Elisa Michel - Angela Hof

    Promoting Spatial Thinking and Learning with Mobile Field Trips and eGeo-Riddles (Abstract) Page 378


    Martin Düren - Thomas Bartoschek

    Assessing the Usability of WebGIS for Schools (Abstract) Page 388

    doi: 10.1553/giscience2013s388

    Thomas Schauppenlehner - Anna Höglhammer - Andreas Muhar - Renate Eder

    Rethinking Urban Space: GPS Drawing as a Tool to Examine Spatial Patterns and Relationships (Abstract) Page 399

    Jérôme Staub

    How to Map Audio Data with Students after Doing Fieldwork Using Mobile Devices? (Abstract) Page 407

    Frederik von Reumont - Alexandra Budke

    Using Versatile Cartographic Means in a Virtual Field Trip to Cologne (Abstract) Page 418


    Josef Hofer

    Preparing a Vienna Project Week in Web 2.0 (from Approved Forms of Preparation to E-Learning Resulting in E-Content) (Abstract) Page 428


    Thomas Bartoschek - Vânia Carlos

    What Happens when Teacher Training in Digital Geomedia is over? Case Studies Analyzing Levels of Pedagogical Integration (Abstract) Page 437

    Wim Daems - Jan Dierckx - Karl Donert - Danny van der Veken

    Experience with the GIS Mobility Project at KOGEKA: An Example of Co-operation between Primary and Secondary Schools on School Mobility and Traffic Safety (Abstract) Page 447


    Roland Götzke - Henryk Hodam - Andreas Rienow - Kerstin Voß

    Tools and Learning Management Functions for a Competence-Oriented Integration of Remote Sensing in Classrooms (Abstract) Page 458


    Durval Silva

    Mathematics and Geography with Digital-Earth (Abstract) Page 463


    Matthias Groessler - Detlef Kanwischer - Engelbert Niehaus

    Spatial Orientation, Geomedia and Learning: The design of a Comparative Empirical Study (Abstract) Page 467


    Luc Zwartjes - Karl Donert

    I-Use Statistics in Education (Abstract) Page 473



Stefan Lang - Lena Pernkopf (Eds.)


    Stefan Lang - Christina Corbane - Lena Pernkopf

    Earth Observation for Habitat and Biodiversity Monitoring (Abstract) Page 478


    Maria Adamo - Cristina Tarantino - Vasiliki Kosmidou - Zisis Petrou - Ioannis Manakos - Valeria Tomaselli - Richard Lucas - Sander Muncher - Palma Blonda

    Exploitation of Remote Sensing Data for Land Cover to Habitat Map Translation: A Case Study (Abstract) Page 487


    Palma Blonda

    An Introduction to the BIO_SOS Project: BIOdiversity Multi-SOurce Monitoring System – from Space to Species (Abstract) Page 492


    Francisco J. Bonet-García - Ramón Pérez-Pérez - Antonio J. Pérez-Luque - Pedro J. Magaña-Redondo

    An Ontological Indicator System Based on MODIS Images to Detect Changes in Habitats Functioning in Sierra Nevada (Spain) Natura 2000 Site (Abstract) Page 496


    Pedro Castro - Joaquim Alonso - Carlos Guerra - João Gonçalves - Isabel Pôças - Bruno Marcos - João Honrado

    Novel Tools to Improve the Management of Spatial Data Quality in the Context of Ecosystem and Biodiversity Monitoring (Abstract) Page 500


    Christina Corbane - Samuel Alleaume - Michel Deshayes

    Mapping Natural Habitats Using Remote Sensing and Sparse Partial Least Square Discriminant Analysis (Abstract) Page 504


    Christine Estreguil - Giovanni Caudullo

    Modelling the Connectivity of Natura 2000 Sites and Their Integration in the Wider Landscape (Abstract) Page 508


    Athanasios S. Kallimanis - Panayotis Dimopoulos - Valeria Tomaselli - Joao Honrado - Richard Lucas - Carmela Marangi - Palma Blonda

    Comparing Habitat Classification Schemes for Assessing Landscape Diversity (Abstract) Page 512


    Richard Lucas - Gwawr Jones - Peter Bunting - Vasiliki Kosmidou - Zisiz Petrou - Jordi Inglada - Maria Adamo - Palma Blonda - Sander Mucher - Damien Arvor

    Land Cover and Habitat Classification from Earth Observation Data: A New Approach from BIO_SOS (Abstract) Page 516


    Sander Mücher - Laure Roupioz - Henk Kramer - Michel Wolters - Marion Bogers - Richard Lucas - Peter Bunting - Zisis Petrou - Vasiliki Kosmidou - Ioannis Manakos - Emilio Padoa-Schioppa - Gentile Francesco Ficetola - Anna Bonardi - Maria Adamo - Palma Blonda

    LiDAR as a Valuable Information Source for Habitat Mapping (Abstract) Page 520


    Simon Nieland - Michael Förster - Birgit Kleinschmit

    Towards Semantic Interoperability in Biodiversity Monitoring (Abstract) Page 524


    Antonia Osberger - Dirk Tiede

    Forest Disturbance Information Layer for Alpine Forest Habitats (Abstract) Page 528


    Keith Peterson - Felicitas von Poncet

    TerraSAR-X Based Monitoring of Mangrove Reforestation in Senegal: A Feasibility Study (Abstract) Page 532


    Anastasia Polychronaki - Nadine Spindler - Alexander Schmidt - Barbara Stoinschek - Marc Zebisch - Kathrin Renner - Claudia Notarnicola - Ruth Sonnenschein

    Mapping Habitats in Alpine Regions Using Multi-Temporal RapidEye Data (Abstract) Page 536


    Barbara Riedler - Thomas Strasser - Lena Pernkopf - Dirk Tiede - Stefan Lang

    Habitat Quality Analysis of Natura 2000 Riparian Forests (Abstract) Page 540


    Mauro Rossi - Dino Torri - Elisa Santi - Giovanni Bacaro - Ivan Marchesini

    BIO_SOS Modelling Activities: Modelling Runoff-Sediment Connectivity (Abstract) Page 544


    Christoph Schröder - Francisco Javier Bonet Garcia - Oliver Buck - Christina Corbane - Michel Deshayes - Michael Förster - Virginia García-Millán - Yolanda Gil-Jimenez - Stefan Lang - Blanca Ramos-Losada - Alejandro Simón-Colina - Jeroen Vanden-Borre

    Validation of Habitat Assessment Services in Natura 2000 Sites: Streamlining the Role of Stakeholders from User Needs to Conservation Status Evaluation (Abstract) Page 548


    Geoff Smith

    Hybrid Pixel- and Object-Based Approach to Habitat Condition Monitoring (Abstract) Page 552


    Jens Stutte - Stelios Bollanos

    BIO_SOS´ EODHaM System Towards an Operational Habitat Monitoring Service (Abstract) Page 556


    Valeria Tomaselli - Panayotis Dimopoulos - Carmela Marangi - Athanasios S. Kallimanis - Maria Adamo - Cristina Tarantino - Maria Panitsa - Massimo Terzi - Giuseppe Veronico - Francesco Lovergine - Harini Nagendra - Richard Lucas - Paola Mairota - Caspar A. Mucher - Palma Blonda

    Comparison of Land Cover/Land Use and Habitat Classification Systems for Habitat Mapping from Space: Strengths and Weaknesses Evidenced in Mediterranean Sites of Natura 2000 Network (Abstract) Page 560





    Acknowledgement Page 565

    doi: 10.1553/giscience2013s565


    doi: 10.1553/giscience2013 


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