The Inner Asian International Style, 12th-14th Centuries

Papers presented at a Panel of the 7th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Graz 1995

Reihe: Denkschriften der philosophisch-historischen Klasse, Band: 267

Reihe: Beiträge zur Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, Band: 25

Verlag: VÖAW

Erscheinungsdatum: 1998

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-2749-9

ISBN10: 3-7001-2749-9

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Table of Contents: KLIMBURG-SALTER, Deborah E.: Is there an Inner Asian International Style 12th to 14th Centuries? Definition of the Problem and Present State of Research; BAUTZE-PICRON, Claudine: The Elaboration of a Style: Eastern Indian Motifs and Forms in Early Tibetan (?) and Burmese Painting; TOYKA-FUONG, Ursula: The Influence of Pala Art on 11th-century Wall-paintings of Grotto 76 in Dunhuang; SAMOSSIUK, Kira: Two Tibetan Style thangkas from Khara Khoto; ALLINGER, Eva: The Green Tara in the Ford-Collection: Some Stylistic Remarks; STODDARD, Heather: The “Indian Style” rGya lugs on an Early Tibetan Book Cover; HELLER, Amy: The Caves of gNas mjal che mo; LUCZANITS, Christian: On an Unusual Painting Style in Ladakh.


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