BIETAK Manfred (Editor-in-Chief)

Ägypten und Levante XXX (2020) – Egypt and the Levant XXX (2020)

International Journal for Egyptian Archaeology and Related Disciplines.

Reihe: Ägypten und Levante, Band: 30

Erscheinungsdatum: 23.01.2021

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8835-3

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Manfred Bietak - Ernst Czerny
Vorwort für das Herausgebergremium/ Preface for the Editorial Board
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s11
(Abstract) (PDF)

Manfred Bietak
A farewell to our dear friend and colleague Jochen Holger Schutkowski (1956–2020)
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s15
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Christiana Köhler
Of culture wars and the clash of civilizations in Prehistoric Egypt – an epistemological analysis
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s17
(Abstract) (PDF)

Barbara E. Barich
Comment to: “Christiana Köhler, Of culture wars and the clash of civilizations in Prehistoric Egypt – An epistemological analysis”
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s59
(Abstract) (PDF)

Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz
Of culture wars and the clash of civilizations in Prehistoric Egypt – a different perspective
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s67
(Abstract) (PDF)

Stan Hendrickx - Frank Förster
Violence and the early Egyptian state
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s77
(Abstract) (PDF)

Mariusz A. Jucha
The so-called “Naqadian expansion” to the north and the new archaeological evidence for the fall and development of Nile Delta settlements during the second half of the IVth Millennium BC
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s85
(Abstract) (PDF)

Agnieszka Mączyńska
Shaky foundations of the Egyptian civilisation. Response article to Of culture wars and the clash of civilizations in Prehistoric Egypt – an epistemological analysis by E. Christiana Köhler, Vienna
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s95
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andrea Manzo
Clash of civilisations on the First Cataract? A southern point of view, from old assumptions to new complexities
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s101
(Abstract) (PDF)

Béatrix Midant-Reynes
Of culture wars and the clash of civilizations in Prehistoric Egypt – an epistemological analysis by E. Christiana Köhler, Vienna. Commentary
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s115
(Abstract) (PDF)

Łukasz Jarmużek - Sławomir Rzepka - Agnieszka Ryś
Tell el-Retaba in the 1st Millennium BC. Results of the Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission, season 2019
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s119
(Abstract) (PDF)

Anna Gręzak
Animal economy at the settlement at Tell el-Retaba in the Third Intermediate Period reconstructed on the basis of faunal remains excavated in seasons 2014–2019
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s157
(Abstract) (PDF)

Claire Malleson
Chaff, dung, and wood: fuel use at Tell el-Retaba. Archaeobotanical investigations in the Third Intermediate Period settlement, Area 9 excavations 2015–2019
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s179
(Abstract) (PDF)

Katarzyna Trzcińska - Anna Wodzińska
‘Pigeon pots’ from Tell el-Retaba
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s203
(Abstract) (PDF)

Maria Choleva - Reinhard Jung - Eleftheria Kardamaki
Working on the potter’s wheel: technological insights into Mycenaean pottery production
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s219
(Abstract) (PDF)

Sabina Cveček
Throwing their weights around? Anthropological perspectives on commodity and gift exchange at the dawn of the Early Bronze Age in western Anatolia
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s283
(Abstract) (PDF)

Francesco I. De Magistris
Yarimuta as the Yarkon River Valley
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s301
(Abstract) (PDF)

Aaron M. de Souza
Pots, gold, and viceroys: shifting dynamics of Egyptian-Nubian relations at the transition to the New Kingdom, from the viewpoint of Middle Nubian pottery at Tell Edfu
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s313
(Abstract) (PDF)

Filip Franković - Uroš Matić
The lion, the weapon and the warlord: historical evaluation of the early Late Bronze Age Aegean iconography
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s343
(Abstract) (PDF)

Haskel. J. Greenfield - Tina L. Greenfield - Elizabeth Arnold - Itzick Shai - Shira Albaz - Aren M. Maeir
Evidence for movement of goods and animals from Egypt to Canaan during the Early Bronze of the southern Levant: A view from Tell eṣ-Ṣâfi/Gath
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s377
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alicja Jurgielewicz
The iconography of fish in the Nagada culture
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s399
(Abstract) (PDF)

Magdalena Kazimierczak - Konrad Grzyb
Distribution of the pottery coffins and ceramic vessels within the Early Dynastic graves from Tell el-Murra cemetery
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s415
(Abstract) (PDF)

Kacper Laube
The lost necropolis and the sacred landscape of Leontopolis (Tell el-Moqdam)
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s445
(Abstract) (PDF)

Maciej Makowski
Third-millennium BC clay figurines from Tell Djassa el Gharbi, Tell Abu Hafur and Tell Rad Shaqrah (Syria)
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s461
(Abstract) (PDF)

Pierre Meyrat
Goddess ‘name’ or name of a goddess? Astarte and her epithet on the stela of Betu (TBO 760)
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s483
(Abstract) (PDF)

Silvia Prell
Hard to pin down – clothing pins in the Eastern Delta of Egypt and their diffusion in the Middle Bronze Age
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s495
(Abstract) (PDF)

Krzysztof Radtke
Application of hypothetical square grids to the analysis of proportions of seated human figures in the Old Kingdom relief
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s535
(Abstract) (PDF)

Jonathon Wylie - Daniel Master
The conditions for Philistine ethnogenesis
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s547
(Abstract) (PDF)

Sharon Zuckerman† - Shlomit Bechar - David Ben-Shlomo - Hans Mommsen - Penelope A. Mountjoy
Neutron activation analysis of Mycenaean pottery from north Israel: reconstruction of Aegean-Levantine trade patterns
doi: 10.1553/AEundL30s569
(Abstract) (PDF)


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