JORDAN Peter (Ed.)

10 Years of EU Eastern Enlagrement

The Geographical Balance of a Courageous Step. Proceedings of the Symposion in Vienna. Vienna, 3-4 December 2017

Reihe: Institut für Stadt- und Regionalforschung - Forschungsberichte, Band: 42

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.02.2017

ISBN13: 978-3-7001-8100-2

Format: 2017, 542 Seiten, 24x16,5 cm, broschiert

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These proceedings are the result of a symposion that has been organised for three motives: The European Union’s eastern enlargement had started ten years before, and it was interesting to look at its effects from a geographical perspective. ‘Geographical perspective’ was conceived as looking especially into fields like regional development, regional disparities, urban development, inter-cultural contact, migration and integration as well as geopolitical aspects. A second motive was the completion of the Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, a long-term project from 1989 to 2014. Finally, the official retirement of its editor as a civil officer of the Austrian government gave good reason to convene all these, with whom he had cooperated quite a span of his lifetime and to whom he wished to express his sincere thanks for all their kindness and fine cooperation.

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